Integrity & Ethical Business Practices

Integrity Always – We will always do what is right. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. If we have to stop to ask ourselves, “Is this right?” – we already know the answer.

Community Involvement – Quandel will always be a responsible corporate citizen in every community in which we operate. Good citizenship and good community spirit, supported with committed community participation, are strongly encouraged of all Quandel team members.

Charitable Community Support – Through the Quandel Foundation, Quandel provides financial and other support to charitable, educational, medical and cultural activities throughout our operation regions.

“A Team” Commitment

Quandel makes a constant commitment to maintaining an “A Team” throughout our organization. We commit to a culture of discipline and focus on the proper priorities. As with all companies that have pioneered the course from good to great, we commit to getting the right people on board and placing the right people in the right seats; we believe that the right people properly motivated make the difference in creating a winning team that has lasting endurance.

Our constant search for “A Team” players will consist of the following:

  • Recruitment of “A Team” talent that is executed in a consistent and disciplined-based process.
  • Compensation and benefits that are structured to ensure that Quandel attracts, retains and engages the right talent for our “good to great” journey.
  • Performance management – We will execute practices that ensure that each employee has measurable goals relative to our business plan and will structure to allow for their personal growth.
  • Succession planning – We will plan for proper succession in all areas of management to support and nurture our growth as a leader of this industry.
  • Training and development – We will work to train our people with the required knowledge and skill set to execute their jobs with excellence and prepare for future growth.

Continuous Incremental Improvement

We will continuously strive for perfection. Every task we attempt will be measured against perfection. Great companies obsess every day on the concept of continuous, incremental improvement, not “the quantum leap.” Quandel’s continuous improvement culture has transformed our organization. Our improvement culture at the project level is based on Lean Construction. Today, this is among the most powerful improvement disciplines.

The common spirit of Lean Construction calls for these shared principles:

  • Whole system optimizations through collaboration and systematic learning
  • Continual improvement and pursuit of perfection involving everyone in the project system
  • A disciplinal focus on delivering value desired by the Owner/Client/End-user
  • Facilitating value to flow to the end result by systematically eliminating obstacles to value creation and removing those parts of the process that don’t create value

Economic Value Principle Commitment

Economic value represents the true value that our company creates after “all-in” costs are calculated. This includes the cost of capital, investments and financing. We commit to analyzing the economic value provided by every investment and procurement decision considered. Consistent with our mission statement, by carefully analyzing the economic value added in every transaction, we will ensure our team the opportunity for personal growth and provide our shareholders the competitive return on their investment.